The Witcher 3 Swords and Armor List

Interactive dashboard that allows you to browse through the list of all Armor, Weapons, Glyph and Runes in the game. This is very much a work in progress, more data to be added soon.

Mobile and Tablet friendly versions coming soon

Instructions: Enter your character level in the white input box to see the best armor that you can use. You can also browse individual items on the all items list.
Hover over the color bars to see additional info like effect, crafting recipe and item/map location where available.

*UPDATE PATCH 1.07* Patch 1.07 has increased all witcher Armor and Weapon item's minimum required level by 3 (weapons also now matches armor level). This means item specific stats have also changed (which are scaled up to match higher level), but since we don't yet have details of every item we have only updated the required levels not the stats.

*UPDATE PATCH 1.08* Patch 1.08 is coming soon and there is specific mention to suggest that higher minimum level requirements introduced in patch 1.07 is permanent but there is a Wolven Hour potion to lower levels for one hour for people stuck with unusable gear - full details on patch notes here.

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About Witcher Armor Sets
  • Journeyman Armorer and Blacksmith can be found and Crow's Perch (Armorer) and Blackbough west of Crow's Perch (Blacksmith)
  • Master Crafters (Both require quests to be completed first):
    • Master Armorer: She can be found at Crow's Perch Armor Smith. You need to talk to Fergus Graem to start the quest “Master Armorers” and will need to go to Skellige to get the tools (this can be done while doing main quest on the isle of Undvik) recommended for character level 25
    • Master Blacksmith: Hattori can be found near the docks in Novigrad, You need to talk to him to start the quest “Of Swords And Dumplings”. Recommended character level 24
  • There are three types of armor:
    • Light: Suitable at the lower levels, these provide little protection from sustained attacks but are adequate for the prologue. Most light armor will be below level 20 and they do not have a highlight/background colour on the inventory screen
    • Medium: Starting at around level 20, the medium sets provide increased bonus resistance to piercing, bludgeoning and slashing damage. Medium Armor items are usually white, green or blue
    • Heavy: Your end game armor starts around level 25 and provides an armor stat of 150 or above. These items typically provide high resistance against piercing, bludgeoning and slashing damage, and many also improve your Sign and character stats such as Adrenaline. Heavy items are usually Witcher (green) or Magic (yellow) Items
  • There are 3 Main Witcher School Armor Sets that can be improved to master level (There is also Viper set in prologue but this can't be upgraded to mastercraft and a new Wolven set as part of a free DLC):
    • Feline armor (Cat School) - light
    • Griffin armor (Griffin school) - medium
    • Ursine armor (Bear school) - heavy
    • Sarting levels for Griffin armor is level 8, Feline armor is level 14 and Ursine armor is level 17
    • Each school will vary but are all upgradeable to mastercraft where they all have the same armor ratings
    • The best choice will depend on your current character level
    • Cat gear focuses on attack power and has fastest stamina regen, as it’s light gear
    • Griffin gear focuses on Sign intensity
    • Ursine gear focuses on boosting Adrenaline points
    • (Update) A free DLC is now out that adds the Wolf School Gear (Wolven Set). This set is medium weight armor with increased sign intensity and attack power
  • With several of the non-school items, like Relic or Magic items, these can appear in the loot location at random times. Try loading a previous save game and coming back another time
  • Some Treasurer hunt quests will not show up until you travel to Skellige, for example the Ursine diagram map can be bought in Oxenfurt but reading the map will not show the treasure hunt quest until you travel to Skellige were the diagrams can be found is brought to you by lovemystats websites. is committed to providing interactive dashboards to all sports and video game fans.
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